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Elementary school
A.S. Matheson Elementary Kelowna BC.

High School
K.L.O Senior Secondary Kelowna BC.

Post secondary Education
Started 4yr apprenticeship for Machining right after completing high school. Obtained Journeyman Machinist Red seal certification 1996 , obtained Journeyman Millwright Red seal certification 2001 . Studied at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) Calgary Alberta.

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Bio Info

Born and Grew up in Kelowna BC, Canada, Parents instilled a good work hard work ethic, as well as putting others before ones self.

In 1994 After completing his Journeyman Machinist certification he volunteered and worked for 3 months in Bucharest Romania doing humanitarian work helping others in that country. Giving of hi skills and time to help others.

While still working full time as a Machinist and Millwright with a young family to support. Saw the need to make some extra money to make ends meet. Started an import business (Beauty Saunas) which he started by investing in his own ideas funded with a personal line of credit. He taught himself how to navigate the sourcing of products, logistics and paperwork of importing. And thus also began his interest in Internet marketing as he taught myself how to design websites and get it ranked in google to bring in business for his new side hustle. Then in 2008 during a big down turn in the economy after losing his job due to the large manufacturing company that worked for going out of business, decided to pursue fulltime importing and online sales of side business to make it a full time job. Which grew that small side hustle into a business that eventually had 5 employees and worldwide sales that reached nearly a million dollars in sales per year.

In Dec of 2021 sold the importing business (Beauty Saunas) (EagoCanada Ltd) and concentrated on internet marketing full time with the business ( Wildfire Marketing Ltd. ) registered in Calgary, AB. Canada).

Again while always the entrepreneur and looking down the road while still Managing (Beauty Saunas) and seeing tremendous success with what was being accomplished for online presence of that company decided to offer SEO , Web design services to some other companies. And working on some other Websites of his own in the Leadgen, Affiliate and peer to peer areas, further refining his skill set as a highly skilled internet marketer.

Aaron believes in giving back to the community and is a proud supporter/sponsor of local youth sports the Kelowna Chiefs Junior Hockey team and the Kelowna Falcons baseball team. And Mindright.info a non profit that helps youth with mental health support.

He is the founder of RVTravelCentral.com and PerfectSpaces.net which are peer to peer market places.



Richard Ewald Gruenke, Marie Anne Gruenke


Feb 19/2000 to Minna Vaitiniemi


Luukas Ewald Gruenke died at birth July 15/2003
Nathan Aaron Gruenke Born July 29/2004,
Matthew Zachary born Oct 23/2006

Businesses Owned

Beauty Saunas 2006-2021 – Import and sales of Bathroom products
Eago Canada Ltd. 2011-2021 – Import and sales of Bathroom products
Wildfire Marketing LTD. 2021 to present – Internet marketing/Business Consulting

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